Friday, 28 July 2017

As we Head into August....

Had a lovely time last night doing a solo set in the picturesque town of Williamstown, just north of Cornwall, for their town social. It's a very cool step back in time for sure - met some lovely folks, and got to take my time and enjoy a scenic drive along the 1000 Islands and Long Sault Parkways. Thanks so much for having me!

It was a pretty terrific musical weekend. Tom Savage Music, Tony Silvestri, Richard Piche and Gary Barratt killed it this past Friday night at Joel Stone Park. Tom is the real deal - all original tunes, and it was great to have a night off and catch those guys! Saturday night at The Cove we helped June and Don celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary on the patio. There were a couple of birthdays too - A lovely lovely busy night. Sunday, the weather was being its unpredictable self...but great time was had in the lounge nevertheless. THIS WEEK - a mini road trip.. FRIDAY night down Hwy 2 to Kingston at DOX Restaurant Bar & Patio , Holiday Inn Waterfront - 6 to 9pm. SATURDAY Night we head to Belleville to Capers (food is dynamite by the way!) 8-11pm, and SUNDAY we return to The Cove Country Inn to wrap up the weekend 12:30-3:30! Hope to see you along the way! In the meantime, Stay Cool and Keep Warm!

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